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Your investment needs to be protected from harsh elements to a corrosive environment.

Fibox, an ISO-9001: organization offers over 1000 off the shelf sizes of enclosures to protect your product. Fibox enclosures are rugged, dependable NEMA 4x & NEMA 6P rated enclosures.

Many folks think that Fibox is short for Fiberglass Enclosures or for Fiberglass Boxes, it is not.

Fibox Enclosure Systems, a division of a Finnish company, Fibox Oy Ab, is one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in the world and is the market leader in thermoplastic enclosures used for protecting electrical and electronic components in hostile and hazardous environments. Fibox recently celebrated over 40 years as a designer and manufacturer of thermoplastic enclosures. Formerly a division of the giant Fiskars Corp., Fibox (then called Fiskars Enclosure) pioneered in 1966 the injection molding of polycarbonate for use in the electrical industry. Besides, pioneering polycarbonate enclosure products, Fibox has developed more than 17 families of enclosing solutions, all available in a wide range of sizes.

JACMAR is the official distributor of Fibox products.

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