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Gefran to become a leader in the sector of automation and systems components for industrial process control.

Gefran is synonymous with quality and expertise in the design and manufacture of sensors, components, systems and drives.

SENSORS– Fundamental components for process control, Gefran’s sensors measure main variables such as temperature, pressure, position and force. The main element of the sensors is produced in cleanrooms, in environments protected from any kind of pollutant and equipped with highly technological work and control instruments.

COMPONENTS– Three product lines are dedicated to indicating and controlling process variables: static groups, regulators and electronic indicators. A range of constantly evolving devices capable of providing innovative solutions and responding to the needs of process optimisation and intelligent management of energy consumption. These devices complete the range of support services offered and faster delivery times, the key factors that make Gefran a competitive and reliable partner.

AUTOMATION PLATFORMS– Gefran designs and manufactures automation control systems offering machine constructors a wide range of specific components (Unit Control Panels, Operator Interfaces, input/output systems, as well as programmable logic controllers and industrial PLC). This dedicated division also designs and develops solutions that adapt to customer projects, offering unique and exclusive “turnkey” solutions.

These products are all distributed by Jacmar, located in Montréal.

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