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AC TECH-LENZE is a manufacturer of electronic speed controls recognized around the world for simple, efficient products.

AC TECH-LENZE also manufactures gearboxes, magnetic brakes, industrial pcs, hmi and servo drives.


Jacmar is recognized for its services and know-how in motor control since the foundations of the company in 1994. The supply of parts and technical support are the foundations of our company. We have supported Lenze / AC Tech products for over twenty-five (25) years. However, several restructurings and supply problems, well before the current pandemic, no longer allow us to provide adequate service to our customers for this product line. In view of the current situation, we are of the opinion that this situation will not improve in the short term, which is why Jacmar implemented an action plan three years ago to replace these products with other more up to date and more available and thus provide viable alternatives to our customers.

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