Our team is made up of experienced engineers and technicians who are very results-oriented, who have great attention to detail and always work in collaboration with our customers, have abilities in:

  • Sizing your electrical or motor loads
  • Design of control panels
  • Risk analysis for securing your machines
  • Analysis of the wave quality of your electrical network (power factor, harmonics, flicker, unbalance, etc.)

At Jacmar, we are recognized by Eplan as a certified level 1 integrator. We are able to carry out a detailed design of your projects including 3D modeling of your control panels.



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Manufacturing of control panels

We also have great expertise, since 1998, in manufacturing control panels adapted to your projects. Our workshop is CSA certified, or CSA US when necessary, 600V /1200A including busbar assembly and intrinsic protection.

Whether we design according to your needs or use your own design, you can be assured of the quality of our assemblies.

In addition to assembly carried out by experienced panelists, quality control is ensured by a team of certified technicians and engineers.

All panels manufactured in our workshop are tested, under load if necessary, before being delivered to our customers.

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Our technical team is also able to program:

  • PLC
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  • AC and DC drives
  • Medium voltage drives
  • Axis controllers
  • Servo drive

We are specialized in everything related to motor control, so we are able to dimension the motor loads necessary for your applications.

We are also certified to carry out warranty repairs on most drives from our manufacturers in Quebec and for the maritimes.

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Retrofit on site

Our project team is also able to adapt to your existing installations by integrating the necessary equipment into your current control panels in order to update the control technologies of your machines.

Once the new mounting plates are assembled, everything is pre-tested in our workshop before being shipped to the customer. Our team then goes on site to make modifications to the panels and commissioning.

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Machine safety

We also have technicians and engineers, CMSE certified, able to help you in all stages of your machine securing projects according to current international standards:

  • Risk analysis
  • Selection of components
  • Design of control panels
  • Programming of safety relays and/or PLC
  • Commissioning

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Commissioning at your factory

A team of experienced technicians in the field

When you do business with us, commissioning can be included at your facilities when necessary. Our technicians travel to put your system into service and can support you as needed subsequently to maximize the production time of your machines

During an on-site modification (retrofit), our team takes care of making the required modifications, dismantling and installation, in your existing control panels and then starting up your machine.

Extended warranty

In addition, when assembly and commissioning are done by our team, we extend the manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.

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