Technological change in the manufacture of a weaving machine




  • Drives: Parker SSD
  • Motors: BlackMax and BLueMax Marathon
  • Isolation transformer: REX
  • Inductances: MTE
  • Control panels: Rittal


During a change of manufacturing technology for a tissu-paper machine, Jacmar was commissioned to design, manufacture and commission the machine drive system. Since several large motors were on DC, we chose to keep these motors and to integrate external SCR controllers so as to keep the power component, in order to use modern control technology and to allow these drives to communicate directly with the machine’s other drives. This decision saved the project a lot of money and had no impact on the productivity of the machine.

In collaboration with the manufacturer of the machine, Voith, we programmed the machine’s monitor control system and completed the commissioning. We also configured a communication link with the machine’s PLC.

We also supplied the motors as well as a K-factor isolation transformer to avoid increasing the harmonics in the plant’s electrical mains.