24/7 Emergency Service

Being a customer with us means having access to our team of experts and our inventory 24/7.

Emergency technical assistance

Need immediate assistance? Our qualified technicians respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Converter’s servicing and repair

We are certified to perform warranty repairs on most converters from our manufacturers in Quebec and for the Maritimes.

Emergency parts purchasing

You need a part to be replaced on the spot? We offer an emergency parts sales service.

One number to reach us outside of normal business hours: 1 877 373-8324.

Motor Control Specialists

For an easy migration towards the most recent technologies.

Your drives are no longer available on the market? You want to replace your DC motors? Our motor control specialists design your systems and optimize them according to the specific needs of your applications.

CSA Certified Projects

All our projects are CSA certified and load tested in our workshop before being shipped.

Extended warranty

In addition, when the installation and commissioning are done by our team, we extend the manufacturer’s warranty at no extra cost.

Power quality analysis

Measure, analyze, correct.

You notice overheating in your transformers or frequent breakage of electronic equipment? This is likely to be related to the quality of the electrical power in your plant.

Our portable equipment allows us to accurately assess power quality. With our full report, you will understand exactly what the problem is and how our team can help you fix it.

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